Upper Worlds

Upper Worlds is a 2d Survival game that pulls inspiration from the 2d .io survival games from 2016 like MooMoo.io and Starve.io but much more fleshed out with the features like diffrent dimensions and tons of buildings. while the .io games we're fun for a 1 to 2 hours but our game will please your for hours and hours but with the same fun and simple feel of a .io game. with the ending of a genre as impactful as  .io games were we wanted to make a game that was more ready for the current game scene that will still look good and a bit more professional but keep that super simple style that made the .io games look so nice and fun to play wherever you are at school at home just for a bit of fun whenever you want.

Hope you enjoy our game  - Erox1

If you would like to learn more about our game, talk to the developers of the game  as well as keep up to date with the updates and features make sure to join our discord


Now for a list of our features that we've improved upon!

  • Mining World
    An area where you can mine all ores and stone that will regenerate after a short amount of time (5-15 Seconds). This is because of a better building feature we wanted to add to let people build larger and bigger structures so the main terrain in the main dimension can be destroyed easily
  •  Resources
    We wanted to add extra materials to improve on the tools and make it super flex able while still keeping that simplistic feel so we found that this number was just enough to get the core areas but not being so complicated that it was hard to grasp but still enough to be fun for way longer. We also wanted to make it simple to change and add new ones simply. Heres a list of all the new ones we added and a little bit about them. We also categorized them into tiers Tier 1s are the simple ones to make tools or smelt with and tier 2s are the better smelting materials and some basic tools tier 3 to 5 are just better tools with a few being used to make better homes. First we added  Coal a tier 2 resource that is used to power some of the smelting devices which let you make better tools. Second we added Silver, Silver is used to make some tools and is a tier 3 material that can be used to make a better smelter as well as some extra "machines" in the future so make sure to stock up on that! Iron pretty much silver but a bit simpler a tier 3 material as well that can only be used to make tools and can be sold in the marketplace. Gold a tier 3 material that is used to either make coins or trade in the market place but cant be used for tools. Ruby is a tier 4 resource thats used for some crafting as well as some some better tools and can also be sold at the market place. Cobalt is another tier 4 resource that can be traded or sold in the market place or the villages. Diamond is a tier 5 resource that can be sold or used to make better tools or in some crafting recipes. Emerald is another tier 5 resource that can be used for trading in the village selling in the market place or crafting some of the best tools in the game.
  •  Marketplaces and Villages
    We wanted to give some incentives to explore so we added marketplaces and villages. The marketplace can be used to sell your items for coins and the villages are randomly generated and can spawn pigs, cows, sheep, and mice. as well as you can trade with the tables there.
  • Random Generation  
    We wanted every world to be a bit diffrent with random generation and almost infinite worlds coming soon! but don't worry every world is assured to have at least 1 village and 1 marketplace.
  • Animals 
    We wanted to add more animals and make them only spawn in villages to make even more incentives to search for the villages and explore your world so heres a list of all the animals we added. Sheep, cows, pigs, and mice. All of the animals besides the mice will spawn in the corral outside of the houses where as the mice will spawn inside of the houses by the tables and the animals will soon drop small amounts of gold and healing.

thanks for taking the time to check out all of our features we plan on adding a ton more soon so make sure to follow our game and join the discord to see the planned updates and other thing i'm so glad this games finally done this game means a lot to me because of all the effort me and the rest of Elusive Games have put in so i'm so glad we could finally release it for the world to play and enjoy as much as we enjoyed the time we spent with its predecessors. And hoping that we can make the same feeling with you playing the game soon hopefully. Stay tuned -Erox1